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Florida HIV 4 hr Bundle

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These courses are approved for students and Midwives practicing in Florida. Approved Programs Commonsense School of Midwifery Midwives Association of Florida


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An Introduction to Sexual Health Education: HIV and STI Basics

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This course is a high-level overview and history of HIV and sexually transmitted infections. After the completion of the course, students will be able to define and discuss HIV, STI’s and safer sexual health practices. Additionally, this course will provide an overview of the HIV and STIs in relation to pregnancy and birth. (2 contact hrs)

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HIV & Pregnancy; Course for Florida Midwives

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  • 23 Lessons

This course is tailored to meet the specific needs of midwives practicing in Florida and other healthcare providers. Designed to enhance their knowledge in maternal and pregnancy care, the course delves into crucial subjects such as Florida Law, recommended protocols, management of HIV infection during pregnancy, testing methods, CDC guidelines, Florida screening laws, and best practices. (2 contact hrs)